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About us


APROKS  is problem solving, engineering, designing, engineering and contracting company in the field of information and automation systems. Its activity focuses on the identification and access control systems in specific conditions and requirements of the end-user operation.

The challenge we outline, is seeking and finding solutions for unusual situations and requirements

Method is to deliver modular, proven solutions as the basis for a comprehensive system

The focus is applied to the use of our longstanding activities in the field

Following is an analysis of the requirements and expectations of the end users, optimal solutions, develop implementation project with detailed technical specifications, validation test proposed solutions, implementation (supply, installation, implementation) on site service and technical support for implemented systems

The focus of our workers: hardware and software automation, control, information and control systems.

The basis of the company's strategy is a comprehensive solution concepts, including liability and guarantees in the design, supply and engineering of related parts. In implementing our business activities cooperate with many Czech and foreign partners.

APROKS is a flexible company with a basic cadre of staff and a wide network of external collaborators on various topics, allowing deepen or extend the basic capacity to the extent required for a specific contract. The company is headquartered in Prague, scope - the whole country.