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FK Teplice

Access control and cashier system for FK Teplice

In 2016, we delivered and put into permanent operation and access comprehensive POS system stadium for 17,000 spectators FK Teplice. Access system operates twelve bi-directional turnstiles. For their opening tickets with barcode and RFID tickets are used. Selected turnstiles are complemented with optical signaling discounted admission. VIP entrance to the grandstand serve mobile terminal which verifies RFID reader and a barcode reader validity of the VIP identifier. Access system is connected to the network sale system. As part of the sale is also an opportunity to purchase over the Internet, the subsequent opening and reading tickets directly from your phone turnstile reader. The operator also has a current application for tracking traffic around the stadium entrances and selected statistics can be exported to a file. At the stadium there is also an information center with an application that when you put your ticket or pass lists all the data permissions and passage records.