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Indoor swimming pool Nová Paka

Access control and cashier system for an indoor swimming pool in Nová Paka

The system was put into operation in 2015. Access system controls two turnstiles with integrated display, pictogram and RFID reader. Cashier system with one cashier, sells tickets and makes backup as RFID card key to enter through the turnstiles. The length of time in paid space is measured by passing through the turnstile and when exceeding the prepaid period is calculated supplement. The system is equiped with spot passes that allow passage turnstiles directly without clearance at checkout. When leaving the credit is deducted from passes by length of stay inside. Lack of credit cards can be recharged again at the checkout. Another kind of passes are seasonal, which have in one day allowed a defined time inside the paid area, eg. 2 x 2 hours. System is also connected Infoterminal on which it is possible to detect credit point passes and such. Elapsed time in paid space.