Delmart | APROKS


In december 2017 APROKS designed a customer clearance system at the entrance of DELMART in the Quadrio shopping centre.

The system contains a entrance sensor pass and upon going through a ticket is printed, which serves as a shopping list with a barcode afterwards. After purchase at individual consoles and self-service payment, the customer is allowed to leave the restaurant through turnstile using their ticket with a barcode.

The access control system is connected to an external cash register system with which it communicates and also transmits information regarding barcode generating, unlocking the turnstile for passage, eventually blocking the passage and the ticket in case of detecting an unpaid balance. The system is also completed with counting of printed tickets and signalization to a pager system when the maximum number of customers is reached, so the staff is alerted when the paper from the stack is running out. As a suplement of the access system there is a gate with manual control panel.



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