The AIKOS project consists of 3 phases. The first is the design and development of the kiosk itself, its features and capabilities. The second phase is the production and installation of these kiosks, and the third is an on-going contractual service that guarantees long-term maintenance of top condition and up-to-date software.

These kiosks will be installed in tourist attracting locations, especially at lookout towers and observation towers. In the kiosk, which will be operated by touchscreen, tickets for the lookout tower or toilet entries will be sold. It will also be possible to find countless amount of information about the lookout tower itself, its history and the surrounding countryside - where is another tower on which hill it stands.

The kiosk will provide a free WiFi connection that will allow users access to the Internet.

Along with the kiosk there will be a mobile application in operatioin, which will contain all the information of the kiosk, so when the isitor is at the top of the lookout tower, they can check what are they actually lookin at and right away they can plan some more trips.

The kiosk will also serve as a charger of mibile phones, electric bicycles and hybrid motorbikes.

A button that is used to speed dial emergency services via dialing 112 will be a standard feature.

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