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System design and solutions

Analysis specification 

Entering the desired function of the system - whether for access control, ticketing and POS system or identification system - it is usually in the first phase only vague and ideological. Perform analysis gradually entering together with the client, its completion in the precise formulations and unambiguous description is challenging work, but that is necessary for the subsequent stages of decision-making towards implementation.

System project

documents the analytical phase of system solutions and preparing functionalizing and its implementation. Specifies the function of the system, clearly formulates the task to prepare the software and programming work.

Development of non-standard parts and components (hardware, software)

The new system (access, cash, identification, security) often requires completion of standard features (HW, SW) of elements, or modules, which normally either do not exist or require modification or the need to be developed and produced. It may sometimes be referred to as "small things" and sometimes larger or more complex (HW, SW) parts.

Technical project

Technical project addresses and defines the parameters of elements, bonds, total technical solutions (hardware, software), designs and documents the system as a whole and its constituent parts. Documents the technical specifications of the supply and installation

Bonds coordinating solution for implementation on the site

Our project manager leads the preparation and implementation of supplies and coordinating bonds to subcontractors and related issues (construction, energy networks, interference immunity, security, operations and functions, informatics)

Project documentation

Developing standardized project documentation preparation, implementation and servicing the supply and installation of a text (.doc), drawings (.dwg) and budgetary (.xls) parts.