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Locker chip locks

Locker chip locks



Basic features


Chip locks are supplied with 12V distribution. Sampling a voltage only when reading the chip and release the lock. In idle state, both the locked and open, is taking zero. The box is locked by closing the door. Any additional element (card, key, etc.) isn't needed for opening and locking lockers.

A plate with a cylindrical mandrel conical subtracting terminated is placed on the locker door. Closing the cabinet door mandrel penetrates into the opening of the lock mechanically pushes the spring sets, which fits into a recess of the mandrel. The box is locked. You can not pry open or otherwise release the cabinet door, as  mechanical connection (not just resting) of the lock and the door is done.

Chip lock lockers is a technical unit, which has two parts:

  • own electromechanical lock - it has a mechanical part (s coulisse pERK) and electromagnetic (12VDC). By applying a voltage to 12VDC lock solenoid moves away scene overcoming the spring forces and the door mechanical system opens slightly. It is fastened to the side wall of the box.
  • Chip card reader - is the electronic parts of the lock sensor comprises a chip and the evaluation circuit.
  • Chip reader is designed for a defined (addressing) group of lockers (up to 32 cabinets). Technical design is a box with electronics placement near the cabinet, which is determined. The front panel is marked with a place for the chip, as well as optical signaling functional state.